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With video you increase conversion

With a product video on all you resellers product pages
You increase conversion with 62%

We are the only smart video campaign manager not directly linked to stupid video urls

Our videos are stored on the biggest global CDN and linked to all your resellers using official EAN/UPC barcodes. In your own dashboard you or your agency manage your video assets linked to your campaigns and linked to this barcode. This way you can finally control what video when to play – when and wherever on this world.

“This opens up a lot of possibilities you do not have anywhere else” 

Did you know?
"For 10 years 90% of online shoppers engage with our intelligent video-solution"

With a market share of 70% we were proud to serve the biggest webshops like, Wehkamp, Blokker, Mediamarkt, Intertoys, Kieskeurig and many more and engage with millions of online shoppers.

As brand/agency you now do not have to spend time managing all videos within your campaigns

That's where
our product comes in

We don't just simple publish your videos online.

Our platform opens up the door for 62% increase in converstion across all your channels.

Our service?

The stronger your commitment
The stronger our impact can be.

Phase 1

Here you store, tag and organize your videos on our advanced and highly secure video DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform. in addition with just two lines Javascript all your videos will automatically be distributed from your Video DAM to every reseller page without any effort on your side.​

Phase 2

This is where you extend your reach and invite your resellers, partners, distributors, blogs or any websites worldwide to connect. All your videos will now automatically be distributed from your Video DAM to all webpages worldwide.

Phase 3

This is where we use data. Applying AI techniques to identify patterns and predict successful behaviors so you can best match your videos to your audience needs -wherever in their customer journey.

Phase 4

This is where the magic happens. Machine learning algorithms empower a personalized video experience for your consumers, and stronger retargeting signals to improve your own webshop marketing ROI.

A small peek inside our system

set calendar
Personalization case
small tour

"Everything you need is included"

Some of the Brands part of the autheos™ video campaign manager family

An Phase 3 example

Let's say you are a food webshop. You have some strong video material explaining the quality of your product ingredients, and recipes to inspire cooking.

How to turn your investment into actual conversion?

But how do you make sure your videos are seen by the right people, in the relevant context, and in the most effective way thinkable?

That's where we come in.

Let's introduce Alex. He is doing his weekly food shopping at your online store. He is a vegetarian who values quality ingredients; out of habit he often buys the same products each week.

But your food shop is connected to Autheos platform.

This means you are no longer passive towards the user but you are activity connecting with them. Autheos analyzes Alex's browsing and purchase behaviours in real time, to show him content that specifically relates to him.

Autheos knows that Alex is a vegetarian, so content can reorder to give priority to plant based options.

Autheos can tell that Alex often browses cooking inspiration so when he selects products he will also be linked with corresponding recipes, for example he selected carrots and is shown a lovely carrot and pumpkin soup recipe.

When he is browsing at 4:30pm, Autheos will give preference to dinner recipes that can inspire Alex's evening meal.

At the same time, Autheos collaborates with your creative agency to incorporate the learnings of which videos perform well, and which don't, into your video strategy both onsite and offsite.

Those recipe videos showing the whole family cooking are super popular with that Youtube campaign you ran for men aged 35 - 50, and always lead to higher average basket size.

But those same videos really don't work for consumers browsing the weekly sale products.

With this feedback loop, your marketing team is happy because it knows what works and what doesn't, and can apply those learnings to its broader advertising strategy. And your production team is happy because performance drives the content strategy, not subjective opinions.

"We see a webshop that can change what people do, want and wish for.

making sure the message matches the consumer and the context.

Lightning fast video player

The AutheosPlayer™ -with off site control -makes your website load faster then any other player. Even Youtube or vimeo!

"Everything you need is included"

Highly secure Digital Asset Management Solution

You get to choose - when - how - who - can play your video library.

"It just works and save us time"

Marketing Manager at

"Six-fold checkout boost for Philips’ espresso machine line with Autheos"

Want to turn your investment into actual conversion?

Autheos inputs consumer behavior data and KPI data into its proprietary predictive models. By aggregating performance trends, Autheos delivers insights into the products and categories where video is most important in consumer journey.

Want to benefit
from real insight?

Key learnings will center around categories and products where consumers are most interested in watching video, and where it has the strongest KPI impact (positively or negatively).


You will be charged for the plan after your 30 day free trial and only when the admin approves your account. You can always up/down to Phase 2 or Phase 3.

Phase 1

From/ Month
  • 1 Accounts
  • 20 GB virtual Space
  • 1 Secure domain
  • 5 secure reseller connections
  • Video scheduling
Free trail

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. You use Youtube when you want adds before, after, in your videos. When you want other random videos as video suggestions distracting your costumers. Or you just want them to have Youtube on top of their mind instead of your video/product/service. Basically.. you are nuts using Youtube on your one website. 

Yeah Right. Try keep track of where all your videos are. And having absolutely no control of what happens. Are you just fooling around or serious about growing your reach. 

Using our CDN you never have to worry about slow loading times or slowing your site down.

You could have started ten years ago and grow your business double digits every single year. But you didn’t. How many signs on the wall do you need. So. Join now. 

For more details on the reseller possibilities we refer to our partnersite webshopvideomanager

For more details on Data insights we refer to our partnersite

You want more?

Within Phase 1 you can always extend your plan to fit your exact needs.
You can up/downgrade whenever you want.

Phase 1

From/ Month
  • 1 Accounts
  • 20 GB virtual Space
  • 1 Secure domain
  • 5 secure reseller connections
  • Video scheduling
Free trail

Phase 2

From/ Month
  • 3 Accounts
  • 100 GB virtual Space
  • 3 Secure domains
  • 15 reseller connections
  • Video scheduling
  • access

Phase 3

From/ Month
  • 10+ Accounts
  • 150+ GB virtual Space
  • 5+ Secure domains
  • Unlimited reseller connections
  • Video scheduling
  • UTM campaign linking
  • AI video play algorithm
  • access

For more details on the reseller possibilities we refer to our partnersite webshopvideomanager

For more details on Data insights we refer to our partnersite

So to clarify:

When sharing your video through the Autheos platform, you are not only creating an engaging shopping window; but you are unlocking readily available consumer intelligence that Autheos shares and automatically acts upon, driving conversion and engagement for your brand.

Videocampaignmanager – Copyright © 2020 – a Autheos company

Find our support docs here docs.autheos


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